How To Plan Your Instagram Feed | Apps For Instagram Feed

How To Plan Your Instagram Feed
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Your Instagram Feed is your first impression. If you want to create a brand that will have a lasting impression, then you might want to create a feed that is aesthetically pleasing. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to Plan Your Instagram Feed, The Apps For Instagram Feed, and Few Instagram Feed Ideas.

Lets start with the App that lets you plan your Instagram Feed, shall we?

How to Plan Your Instagram Feed

I use the app UNUM and Tailwind for planning my Instagram feed. I use UNUM to create my feed using simple drag and drop. Then I export the pictures to my laptop and upload them on Tailwind.

How To Plan Your Instagram Feed | Apps For Instagram Feed

In Tailwind, I schedule my posts according to the design I’ve created in UNUM and add necessary hashtags. In tailwind, if the hashtag you are using is green in color, then that means that hashtag is for you.

How To Plan Your Instagram Feed | Apps For Instagram Feed

Apps For Instagram Feed

  • UNUM
  • Tailwind


UNUM is a powerful grid planning app that lets you plan your Instagram feed easily. All you have to do is download the app, sign in to your Instagram account, or start creating a grid from scratch without adding an account.

It comes in FREE and paid plans. I’ve been using their FREE plan for almost a year and a half.


  • You can easily import your pictures
  • Edit them with their editing tool
  • The best part is you can rearrange the pictures by dragging them.
  • You can add your caption
  • Helps your add hashtags from your hashtag cloud
  • You can offset your images, create a collage grid.
  • You can easily delete, replace and export your content
  • You can easily add a reminder when you would like to post your pictures on Instagram.
  • They automatically help you in choosing a color palette based on your uploads

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use UNUM to Plan Your Instagram Feed

Sadly, I could not find UNUM for android on Google Play Store. So Android users can use Preview – Plan Your Instagram app.



Tailwind is a Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler and Analytical Tool. It helps you to schedule your Instagram and Pinterest posts. It has free and paid plans.

The best part of Tailwind is:

  • Create your own personalized schedule for Instagram
  • Shows your perfect hastags that will help you grow
  • Tailwind Tribes – A Pinterest Group of pinners with similar interest that helps you grow your reach
  • Schedule Pinterest pins
  • SmartLoops, helps you Reshare Pins to Drive Traffic.

Photo Editing Apps For Instagram Feed

The best photo editing Apps for Instagram has to be the following:

  • Lightroom
  • VSCO
  • Snapseed
  • Enlight Pixaloop
  • Facetune or Facetune 2 (Optional)


Adobe Lightroom is an app that nearly 90% of Instagram influencers and bloggers use for their feed. You can play with colors in lightroom and a lot more. The best part is Lightroom Presets. You can either make one, download a few for free or make your own preset.

Comment down below if you want me to share my own Lightroom Preset for free 🙂

Download Lightroom Here: IOS | Android

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets That I Absolutely Love

Note: Lightroom mobile preset is a DNG file)


VSCO is great for creating Aesthetics, especially Tumblr Aesthetic. Even before using Lightroom, I was so drawn into VSCO. You do get a bunch of free Presets and the rest are paid.

But you can totally watch few VSCO Tutorials on Youtube to create your own Preset. My Favs are HB1 and HB2

Download VSCO Here: IOS | Android


Credits: App Store

I use Snapseed basically to make my white background of product shots even whiter (if it makes sense). I even use snapseed to edit my product shots and add text watermark to my pictures. You do a bunch of things to edit and enhance your pictures like Curve, White Balance, RAW Edit, etc, but it is also one of the most user-friendly photo editing tool I’ve ever come across.

Download Snapseed Here: IOS | Android

Enlight Pixaloop

“Breath Life Into Images” thats what Enlight Pixaloop does to your images. Have you ever come across an instagram image where the sky is moving or there is movement in their picture but the subject is still? Well that’s edited in Enlight Pixaloop.


  • Animate your pictures in seconds
  • Make your sky move
  • Apply 3D Camera Effects
  • Add dispersion in motion
  • Make water flow
  • Add Overlays

Download Enlight Pixaloop Here: IOS | Android

Facetune 2

If you are a beauty blogger or beauty influencer, then Facetune 2 is kind of a must if you need to make the sparkle in your eye makeup pop or smoothen out your skin.

You will get premium features in Facetune which is a paid app. Facetune 2 is the FREE app.


  • Retouch your image
  • Reshape contour features
  • Change your background
  • Choose a stylish filter
  • Apply ring light studio effect
  • Apply dark mode
  • Unique photo editor

Download Enlight Facetune 2 Here: IOS | Android

Instagram Feed Ideas

I’ll be sharing with you 2 Easy Instagram Feed Ideas:

  • Checkerboard Layout
  • 3 Tone Feed
Instagram Feed Ideas
Instagram Feed Ideas

Checkboard Layout

In the checkboard Layout, you have two different pictures alternating each other. For example, You post a picture of yourself, next you post a graphic of a quote. (Refer to Image No.2 @social.stylings and No.3 Above in Instagram Feed Ideas)

3 Tone Feed

In 3 Tone Feed, you need to choose a color palette with three aligning colors, two colors must belong to the same color family, one shade lighter or darker. In my Instagram feed @sheforhelp, you can get a better perspective of this feed idea.

By now I guess you will have an idea on How to Plan Your Instagram Feed, The Apps For Instagram Feed, and will be able to create your feed using the Two Instagram Feed Ideas.

If you have a query, make sure to DM me on Instagram @sheforhelp, I’d love to help you out.

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