How To Start a Blog For Free And Make Money

How To Start a Blog For Free And Make Money (1)
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How To Start a Blog For Free And Make Money! I’ve started my beauty blog on Blogger (also known as Blogspot). At that time did not have a custom domain name, just a .blogspot blog, and did not know how to make money. Then one fine day, a very popular Event Planner mailed me regarding a sponsored post. They paid me Rs.3000 (approx $40). That’s how I earned my first money online and I’ll be teaching you How To Start a Blog For Free And Make Money Online.

How To Start a Blog For Free And Make Money

how to start a blog for free and make money
how to start a blog for free and make money

Basic Requirements:

  • A Laptop/ Computer
  • An Internet Connection
  • A will to blog and make it big someday (Most Important)

First of all, you will require a laptop or a computer. Yes, you can even blog from your phones but I’d not recommend that. Secondly, you will require a stable internet connection. Thirdly, you will require a will to blog, write, create content, and make it big someday. That’s the most important requirement.

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Often I receive questions regarding “How To Become A Blogger To Receive Free Stuffs”. To be honest, never start a blog just to receive free stuff if you don’t have any interest in blogging.

How To Start a Blog For Free

  • Choose A Niche
  • Choose a name
  • Choose a free blogging platform ( or
  • Register your blog
  • Select an Awesome Theme

Choose A Niche

Choose a niche for your blog. A Niche is basically the main genre for your blog.

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Choose A Name

Based on your niche, choose a name. Choose a name that you can later use as your brand name if you choose to buy a domain later.

Choose A Free Blogging Platform

I’d recommend either or for starting a free blog. I’ve started my beauty blog on and later migrated to WordPress.

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Register Your Blog

How to Create A Free Blog At Blogger/Blogspost

  • Go to
  • Click at Create Your Blog
  • Use Your Google account to sign in
  • Create a display name and click on continue to blogger
  • Now enter the Title and type the address and click on Create blog
  • You have successfully created your free blog.

Personally I recommend over as Blogspot has more free features than

You can also add a domain at your blogger blog, I recommend NameCheap over Godaddy as NameCheap Offers Lifetime Free Domain Privacy.

Get Your Domain At $8.88 per year and FREE Lifetime Domain Privacy NOW!

Select an Awesome Theme

An awesome theme or template makes your blog look more professional. When I first started blogging in my free blogspot blog, I was constantly in search of a free template/theme. does come with free inbuilt themes but they suck! Sorry Google, you definitely need to add pretty themes to blogger.

I’d definitely recommend gooyaabitemplates for Free blogger themes. I’ve used their theme in the past and even received a mail for a sponsored post to recommend a WordPress plugin. The lady from the SEO Agency that mailed me thought my blog was based on WordPress.

Make Money With Free Blog

Two best ways to make money with free blog are through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, you promote a product that you have used before and earn a percentage of income when someone buys that product using your link or coupon code.

I recommend the following affiliate marketing sites that will help you earn money from your blog:

Sponsored Posts

If you have great content and traffic, then you will obviously get sponsored posts. Even I got my first sponsored post when my beauty blog was in a free platform like

All you have to do is create great content, be consistent, do some basic SEO and you will end up on the first page of google, and brands will look at your content. But that’s not as easy as I wrote here. I worked hard for my beauty blog and landed my first sponsored post.

If you want to know more about how to start a blog for free and make money from home, then subscribe to my blog to get notified whenever I upload awesome content!

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How to start a blog for free and make money online

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