9 Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make Money in 2020

9 Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make Money
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Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make Money

9 Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make Money

Choosing a blog niche is one of the hardest things ever. Choosing a blog niches that make money is even harder.

You might think about starting a blog that covers everything and that may fail at some time (or may not). It’s totally a probability if you choose to write about everything when you only have the knowledge of one topic.

In this blog post I’ll be sharing the blog niches that make money, the most profitable blog niches and how to choose a blog niche.

What is a Blog Niche?

what is a blog niche
what is a blog niche

A Blog Niche is a topic that your blog specializes in. It may be about food, technology, travel, beauty, etc.

Why Do You Need A Blog Niche?

why choose niche blog
why choose niche blog

A Blog Niche is required because of the following:

Its Easier To Target Your Audience

When you have a specific niche, it’s easier to target your audience. You can market your blog to someone who is actually interested in your blog. Suppose you have a food blog, then if you share the link to a friend who is a foodie, then he/she might be interested in checking out your content.

It Becomes Easier To Plan Content

When you have a specific niche then its always easier to create content as you will have a specific topic to focus upon. Say, if you niche is a beauty, then its easier to create content that revolves around makeup & beauty.

Its Easier To Specialize In Your Field

Its always easy to become an expert in a single topic than one multiple topics. If you are interested in food blogging but turn your blog into a lifestyle blog, then it might not be a profitable one as your target audience would want food blogs.

You should always take a single niche where you are comfortable to write and have the interest to make it better. You become an expert in that field.

Its easier to Stand Out

A have a beauty blog and a lot of my friends know me through my beauty blog. When you have a niche, it’s easier to stand out as a lot of people might remember through your niche.

Now lets find out the blog niches that make money!

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9 Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make Money

Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make Money
blog niches that make money

Health & Fitness Blogs

As we are hit by the pandemic COVID-19, Health & fitness blogs are by far the most searched ones at the moment.

There’s massive traffic in the health field and you don’t need to have any medical qualifications for starting a health blog. But that does not mean that you can write anything.

Your content must be relevant and must have a source. If you are genuinely interested in a health and fitness blog, get serious about learning and start blogging your fitness journey, workout routine, what you eat to stay healthy, etc.

Its even easier to monetize health and fitness blogs by selling your own ebook. You can also monetize through affiliate links.

Personal Finance Blogs

Lets agree on a point that everybody wants to find ways to save and earn money. There’s where personal finance blogs come in!

This niche is the most profitable niche that will tell you how to start your own side hustle and how to finance in a better way. They will teach you to live a budget friendly way.

Personal finance blogs can monetize by selling their courses, eBooks and through ads

Make Money Online Blogs

Make Money Online blogs are for those who already have an established business before. You cannot start a blog telling people how to makeup money online if you yourself are a newbie.

I started this blog this niche because I’ve already experienced my bit of journey making money on my blog Indian Budget Beauty. Heck, I started earning money from a free blog with no custom domain and that’s what I’ll be sharing further on this blog.

This niche is very saturated but makes a lot of money. But you do need to share proofs, else people will start noticing that you are faking it. I’m kind of skilled in the blogspot niche as well.

If you have an established business, then you can share your montly income reports, that will help people get hooked to your blog.

You can start building your ebook and monetize your site by selling your courses.

Food Blogs

If you are a foodie or even a home cook, start your blog ASAP. As most of us are in quarantine, everybody is searching for a new and easy recipe everyday here and now.

Every now and then, someone somewhere around the world searches for a food recipe and there won’t be a stop in the near future. Food Blogs are even easier to monetize it with affiliate links.

Technology Blogs

Technology is an ever growing niche. There’s always the launch of a new mobile, laptop, tablet, software every other day. If you are a true tech savvy, then it won’t be hard for you to blog about technology.

Apart from that, you can use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog. You will earn a good percentage of money from affiliate marketing like Amazon Affiliates as most of the people rely on purchasing their phone, laptop etc on ecommerce sites.

Beauty Blog

A Beauty blog is a very popular option to start a blog. All of us checks a product review before purchasing a product, we check skincare tips for better skin and so on. There’s where beauty blogs come in.

You can even choose more condensed niches

Cruety Free Beauty : Where you can blog about cruety free makeup & beauty products

Budget Beauty: My beauty blog is all about budget beauty, where I share 90% about Budget friendly makeup & Beauty.

Organic Beauty: You can share about organic makeup & beauty.

A beauty blog can be monetized by affiliate marketing, adsense, banner & sidebar ads, and even by selling your ebook.

Fashion Blog

If you have a great fashion sense or have the capability of creating fashion looks that will help people in saving their time, then a fashion blog can be very profitable for you.

You can blog about fashion in general, sustainable fashion, organic fashion and so on.

Fashion blogs can be monetized by best bt affiliate marketing. If a reader loves your outfit, she will definitely be intrigued in purchasing the same cute skirt that you wore.

Parenting Blog

If you are a parent and want to share your parenting skills. Then this is the right time to start a parenting blog or become a mommy blogger. New parents love reading parenting blog and you can make money by selling your own E-Book!

Lifestyle Blogs

This category is great that makes money. You can choose:

  • Home decor blogs
  • DIY Blogs
  • Pet Blogs

Travel blogs are also a great niche but I’d not recommend you to start one right now due to the pandemic situation.

These blogs make great money and you can incorporate so many niches. But I’d recommend you to start a lifestyle blog with your friends, who might be looking after certain niches as maintaining a lifestyle blog can become a bit too hectic. But, you do you, if you can manage it all on your own, then be it that way.

These are Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make Money in 2020.

Final Thoughts

You can choose any of the blog niches mentioned above just make sure A) You are interested in it, B) it is profitable, and C) you can be productive. These best blog niche to make money online.

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Once you decide you blog, you can come up with your categories. Curently, I have two categories:

If you want to start your Blog Today, check out the following posts that might help you.

Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make Money
most profitable blog niches

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